August 23, 2011

Sharing a Love for Art

The supplies bought.
A simple art lesson formed.
Appreciation and exploration intertwined.
A painting put up for all to see.
A few books selected.
Questions ready to ask.
Discussion points to prompt.
Project outlined.
Anticipation mounts.
Children called to join.
A deep breath taken to steady a wildly beating heart.
Will they like it?

Ever since I picked up a crayon at a young age, I have loved to draw.  The school I attended offered art classes from sixth grade until graduation.  I took almost every one, including print shop with the boys.  I learned about art history on my own until college.  Then enrolled in several classes.  The dull professor with a monotone voice and lengthy lectures did not squelch my passion. 

Today, one of my favorite pass times is visiting art museums.  Though I could spend many uninterrupted hours gazing upon beautiful paintings and sculptures, there is dinner to be made and lessons to be taught.   So, even as a busy homeschool mom, I still make time for art, often through teaching art classes (at home and in co-op settings) and leading field trips to art museums.  It is my hope to share my love for art with my children. 

Some of my favorite art resources are:

For Art Appreciation ~
I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers In Art, by Lucy Micklethwait
I Spy an Alphabet in Art, by Lucy Micklethwait
A Child's Book of Art, by Lucy Micklethwait
Michelangelo, by Diane Stanley
Leonardo da Vinci, by Diane Stanley
The Life and Work of series (each focusing on a particular artist and their work)
How Artists See series, by Colleen Carroll (each book covers a topic like feelings or elements)
Come Look with Me series (each themed like animals, landscapes, and early America)
The Usborne Introduction to Art, by Rosie Dickins and Mari Griffith
120 Great Impressionist Paintings, published by Dover Publications
120 Great Paintings, published by Dover Publications
Art in History series (including Art of the Middle Ages and Ancient Roman Art)

Books that Include Art Instruction ~
Drawing with Children, by Mona Brookes
How to Teach Art to Children, published by Evan-Moor
Artistic Pursuits, by Brenda Ellis
The Usborne Art Treasury, by Rosie Dickins

Online Resources ~
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: MuseumKids Explore & Learn
National Gallery of Art: NGA Kids

~ Dorie

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  1. I needed this - because I don't like art {gasp!!} but it's great to learn about resources that I can use for the girls!

  2. Thank you for putting such a great list together!


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