May 2, 2011

The Coach's Wife

Through two seasons of fall football, I have been the coach's wife. 

Now, as spring soccer season is in full swing, I find myself again 'The Coach's Wife,' 

cheering for the team and supporting their coach from the sidelines.

Joining others, we help to create a place of encouragement 
where teams build up one another on and off the field.

The leauge is called Upward.  Our church participates in this sports ministry 
every fall with football and every spring with soccer,
and our family has been blessed over the years
to be a part of this ministry.

...continuing my gratitude listing...

456.  being the coach's wife as a part of this ministry

457.  children learning to be better players on and off the field

458.  a sport league that seeks to bring God the glory and incorporates His Word and prayer into practices and games

459.  all the volunteers who give their time and talents each week for this ministry

460.  photographs from years past of their soccer games, because my camera battery died while trying to take photographs this past weekend during their games

461.  rechargable batteries

462.  snowy trees in April

463.  dancing leaves in the spring breezes

464.  just enough pancakes for breakfast

465.  a school year coming to an end soon

466.  my niece spending an afternoon at our house

467.  sons who help prepare a garden for planting and then help plant

468.  friends visiting and the good times we have together

469.  dinner made by my husband (it was yummy!)

470.  children playing outdoors long into the evening

471.  relatives who are safe after the storms of last week

472.  storm shelters

473.  people praying and helping one another

...and so it continues...

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  1. Hello friend! What an AWESOME ministry that the church has :) Such a fun way to minister to kids and others!! I'm so glad that you are enjoying being a coach's wife!!


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