January 7, 2011

Winter Pocket Folder

This week, as part of their lessons, we started a winter unit of study for our two youngest children
(a preschooler and an early elementary aged student). 
In addition to reading winter related books and completing various art projects,
my preschooler has been using this little folder I made for him. 

This pocket and the activities it contains were made from supplies I had on hand.
I used letter stickers, white tape (I cut the side for a decorative touch),
card stock paper, old Christmas cards, and winter shapes.

Out of these supplies, I made some fun learning activities for him.

Activities like

matching mitten pairs,

putting numbers in order and counting mittens,

matching shapes to pictures like these snowmen,

matching similar pictures,

and putting together the matched pictures.

All of these pieces and pictures fit nicely into the pocket folder,

which is easily toted about our home and to activities outside of our house.

Other preschool pocket folders:

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  1. Goodness I LOVE this. I might have to do something like this, my daughter would love them activities!

  2. Very cute! I like the matching cards. Great ideas!

  3. What a great way for you to use Christmas cards. (At least I think you did.)

    I made a similar matching puzzle game for a file folder game. I like your variety though...with one theme!

  4. Dorie,

    Wow! What a creative way to use the resources that you had on hand at home. I like your learning ideas as well. The matching picture puzzle is my favorite though. Which one does your son like the best? :)

    -Lady Rose

  5. I loved the matching puzzle games using the cards. You've got my mind working! :)

  6. Thank you, Ladies, for such kind words of encouragement!

    Annette, yes, those are old Christmas cards :-)

    Lady Rose, he likes the mittens the best. He is really into counting and making patterns right now.

  7. What clever ideas. I love how you reused old Christmas Cards! Love it!


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