September 9, 2010

A Dirty Deed

Our youngest son loves playing in the dirt.  Unfortunately, our yard has mostly mulched flower beds and a cultivated garden, but not a large area for playing in the dirt.  This past weekend, at our campsite, our son thoroughly enjoyed this rare opportunity. 
He enjoyed it so much that he had a hard time packing up his cars.

Later, I found the bag in our car packed and ready for the trip home.

When I picked it up to secure the top,
I noticed a cloud of dust encircling me.

I opened the bag, and found...


Apparently, he had found a way to pack the dirt as well.
Message received, Little One!
(We will now be creating a dirt area for him to play trucks in our yard.)


  1. Oh my, that is so sweet and funny! Evan likes to play in the mulched flowerbed. For him, it serves the same purpose (digging and getting dirty?), especially when he digs a little and finds the dirt.

  2. Brian liked seeing a photo of his buddy!



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