December 3, 2013

Times to Remember - Another Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving anticipated, prepared for, and celebrated. We traveled to the seashore again this year. A quiet cottage aside the water was the perfect place for our family's celebration.

Though the weather was chilly, our eyes beheld beauty and amazing finds. {I had hoped to find conch shells this year, and since a two day storm ended on our arrival day, I thought the chances would be better than usual. They were! We found over a dozen conch shells, broken, but still beautiful.}

However, even better than the scenery was the privilege to spend another day, another Thanksgiving, with my family.

I am a woman blessed beyond my wildest imagination. Thank you Lord!

Praying each of you will look back on your holiday with such fondness and gratitude,
~ Dorie

P.S. This year, I again skipped the pressure of creating a Thanksgiving table setting masterpiece. Opting instead, to involve the children and their creativity has become a sort of Thanksgiving tradition, which I think we may just keep in the years to come.

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