December 9, 2013

Possibly Inappropriate?

Over three months ago, God answered a two year long prayer request. We'd been praying, praying, and praying some more. Maybe we didn't pray the exact same thing every day for over two years, but the subject was always the same: the Drummer's job. We weren't asking for his dream job.

Though my husband would ultimately love to play drums for a living, the six of us are dependent on his one income. It's kinda hard not to place your personal dreams aside when your wife and children depend on you. He shoulders the responsibilities of having a family graciously.

Initially, we prayed for a new job. His job situation, while meeting our financial needs, was not the best. When no opportunities arose, we started asking for his impact at work to be great. Perhaps the Lord was using him as a witness in the workplace. Certainly, we did not want to tamper with that. We prayed for peace and contentment in the situation. The Lord answered.

All was calm for awhile.

Then, one summer day, out of the blue, a company initiated a potential job offer. We prayed, and the Lord answered.

My husband switched jobs. With this job change came other changes as well. The benefit package is different. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. One of those differences is we no longer have orthodontic coverage with our dental insurance. Though our former dental insurance didn't cover all the orthodontic treatment, it covered some. {And if you are funding your kid's braces, you know any little bit helps.}

One of our daughters is in active treatment, which means we are in an active pay-as-you-go plan. Last month, she had an appointment. When I updated our insurance information the lady behind the desk asked about orthodontic coverage. I answered with a none. She offered consoling words and referred me to the business office personnel.

I waited and wondered how much more the bill would increase.

When my name was called I walked into the office, explained the changes, and sat quietly while she brought up our account.

Slowly, she turned toward me and said, "Well, it looks like we just maxed out the insurance right before your insurance change."

"Really?!" I almost yelled my response.

"Yes," she laughed when she saw my glee.

"Seriously, we used up our allotment?" incredulously, I asked her to verify.

She turned to her computer, double checking the account. "Yes," she smiled.

"Is it wrong that I want to hi-five you?" I blurted out, still amazed.

She laughed, paused, held up her hand, and said, "Why not?"

I gave her that hi-five, thanked her, and left,
~ Dorie

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