February 13, 2013

Rules, Love, and Grace


  • have their place.
  • keep us in line.
  • offer boundaries where none may be present.
  • are like fences and walls.
  • make things proper and orderly. And, let's face it, orderly isn't so bad.

But at the end of the day, rules are just rules.
They aren't warm and fuzzy.
You won't see me out hugging a wooden fence, or a chain link for that matter.
So, why do we readily embrace rules, clinging to them with all our might?
Especially when the alternative is so much better.

Love and Grace...
  • are everywhere.
  • cross boundaries.
  • tear down walls.
  • are messy and real.
  • motivate us onward and upward.
We love,
because He first loved us.
And, this is what I am remembering for Valentine's Day.
~ Dorie


  1. Beautiful post, Dorie!

  2. and...i love your blog. it's very inspiring!!

    God is so good!

    happy valentine's day!


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