April 15, 2012

A Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Many times, I have looked through the Scavenger Hunt Sunday photograph challenges enjoying the creativity of others and trying to decide how I would interpret the prompts.  Today, I'm wondering no more as I join the fun.  The five prompts for this week were: simple, grain, transportation, stitch, and bubbles.

1. Simple

The shadows of our garden seedlings as seen through our sheers. 
I like the simple lines and shapes of the plants and the texture of the sheers,
but what I particularly enjoy is how the box
appears curved due to way the sheer hangs.

2.  Grain

dried wheat in our kitchen

3.  Transportation

Recently, as in last week, my parents put up this weather vane.
They've had the weather vane for years! 
I had taken the photograph to commemorate the moment,
but the train works well for transportation.

4.  Stitch

This photograph is actually my second third attempt at 'stitch.'
I originally started out trying to photograph a favorite table cloth.
When that didn't work out, I tried a poignant photograph of a stitched doily
with an old wedding photograph on top. 
I was thinking of a play on stitch...stitched together fabric
and stitched together lives in marriage.
Since that didn't work out either, I give you...
a pair of old jeans.

  5. Bubbles

Thought I'd try to capture the bubbles in this hand blown glass pitcher.
Can you see them along the top?

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  1. I see the bubbles!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  2. Nice photos! I did bubbles in a blue glass dish myself and yes I see your bubbles!!
    Linda @ Viewing My World

  3. What a great set of shots! Love your simple shot - too cool!

    1. Thanks so much, Patti! The shadow was something I wanted to photograph last week - so glad it fit into the scavenger hunt and I could share it with y'all :-)

  4. Love your grain shot - so beautiful.

  5. Oh I love the grain shot and the stitch also.That shadow shot is wonderful I am a fan of shadow shots, did one a couple months ago for SHS.

  6. I love your take on 'grain'. Very beautiful and i love the colors!

  7. I love all of these!! Really great images and great ideas for the prompts! I'm always intrigued be shadow images and this one's great! I also love the weather vane! I love that train!!


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