January 2, 2012

Embracing Changes

For years, New Year's Eve was our time.  Time alone, just the two of us, date night. 

Time trudges onward and children grow.  No longer little ones, they join us on our New Year's Eve night.  Ringing in the new year with a few older children alongside us offers new opportunities for new traditions and fun celebrations.

We change, adapt, and embrace, but we miss our time alone.  Just us.  And we don't want to give up on our night.  So we celebrate on New Year's Eve's Eve. 

Just us.  A candle light dinner and time together.

But, we embrace the whimsy and fun.  Glad for the year's end and looking forward to the one just beginning.

~ Dorie

~ our table centerpiece ~

...continuing my gratitude listing...

859.  new and older holiday traditions

860.  flexibility in holiday traditions

861.  time alone with my husband

862.  children excited to stay up later and a fun family evening

863.  looking forward to a year of goodness

864.  beginning 2012 with worship

865.  a New Year's Day hike 

...and so it continues...


  1. What a great idea to celebrate an evening early to keep your date night special! Happy New Year!

  2. So lovely that you kept your date night :) We totally forgot about it being New Year's Eve - sad, but oh so true!


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