July 27, 2011

Five More Minutes

The call goes out. A hand raises with fingers spread wide.
She looks, nods, and gives me a thumbs up.
Returning to play, she seeks her brothers and sister.
"Just five more minutes!" she shouts, sharing the knowledge.

The play continues as intense as ever: racing, swimming, jumping, diving, splashing just as before.  Not one of the five minutes wasted.  They don't whine or complain.  No murmuring or mumbling is heard.  They do not dread the upcoming end.  Instead, laughter rings across the pool water. 

Only enjoyment of the moment is heard.

I sit in wonder.  Could I learn to be a little bit more like them?  When God is closing a season or chapter in my life, why is my tendency to look with despair at what is left?  I do not savor those last minutes, but instead lament what is ending,

...when I should be cherishing those final moments and looking ahead to all the wonderful blessings and changes to come...


  1. beautiful post.. well said...

  2. So true :) I agree - living in the moment and looking forward is So much better than always looking back.


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