February 25, 2011

Exquisite Orchids

We arrived Saturday afternoon with four out of six toting cameras and high expectations of fun. 
We were not disappointed. 
The flowers were exquisite. 

The local garden's conservatory had a buffet of beautiful blossoms to capture. 
Afternoon sunlight filtered through the glass ceiling making everything appear dazzling. 
Display after display we feasted upon, eyes wide, and cameras clicking.  

We left, laughing at the sight we must have been.
One momma and three children wildly snapping photographs and comparing results,
 while my husband and youngest son delighted in the sights and our photography efforts.

On the way home, we heard one child exclaim, "I took over 100 pictures!"
Not to be out done, another said, "Oh, yeah, I took 128."
One junior photographer simply replied, "143," trumping them both.

Jerry and I shook our heads, laughing.  We are forever grateful for digital photography,
the gift of three basic digital cameras,
and an old PC for them to learn how to upload and edit all 300+ photographs.


The flowers featured in this post are all orchids.
The conservatory had an amazing variety of flowers and I captured as many as I could.
Expect to see some of the other flowers in future posts.
Afterall, I took 148 photographs. {sheepish grin}


  1. I am jealous. Gorgeous photos. I cannot wait until things start blooming around here. I do not have a membership to a place with a conservatory and I am just dying for a little bit of spring!!!

  2. Dorie - What beautiful photographs - and what a wonderful memory you created with your children :) Happy day to you!

  3. oh how beautiful!! I just love orchids!

  4. Oh my, I totally understand the gratefulness for digital photography!! :-) I've taken 500! photos at birthdays or picnics before! LOL!

    Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! My 7 year old dd loves photography also. What a great idea to go and "shoot" together! :)


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